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Celebrity Crush

We all have at least one, right? Not too long ago I got to meet mine. He’s a rock star, so I’m sure he’s never lacking female attention, yet he’s incredibly charming. And hot. As in sexy, not sweaty. Although, he was a bit sweaty at the time, which made him even more sexy, if you ask me.

When I had the chance to see him in concert, I paid extra for the VIP seating because there was a “meet and greet” after the show. I even got a friend to accompany me because I was too chicken to go alone. What an amazing night. The show rocked, of course, and then we somehow ended up first in line to meet the band due to a last-minute reshuffling of the room. We got literally 2 seconds to meet each band member, and then a quick photo op before being ushered on.

I approached him first and went to shake his hand. Only, he didn’t shake it. He kissed the top of it while looking deep into my eyes and introduced himself, as if he needed an introduction. And yes, I know how obnoxiously corny that sounds, and under normal circumstances I would scoff, but face to face with my Celebrity Crush, I melted and lost myself for a few moments.

After meeting the rest of the band we were quickly rounded up for the photo. He leaned in towards us for the picture, and the gesture gave me the nerve to ask him for a hug.

Oh, my. What an incredibly awesome hug that was.

It was by far the most satisfying hug I have ever had in my entire life. I refer to it in my mind as The Hug, as I doubt any other hug will be anywhere close to as epic as that one. Unless I get to meet him again and can score another hug, which would be excellent. I still get giddy just from thinking about that night and The Hug. For days afterwards, maybe even a few weeks, I was in a fantastic mood. All the time.

I even bragged to one of my friends about it via email, “Can I just say that a hug from Celebrity Crush is most satisfying. That single experience may have set me up for life. It certainly has kept me in a very good mood ever since. Of course, I have worshipped the poor man from afar for going on 15 years. It’s just a shame we can’t bottle Celebrity Crush’s hugs and keep them on hand as feel-good energy boosts.” Don’t worry, I edited out the excessive punctuation, smilies, and an unrestrained LOL.

What I wonder now is: Does he have any idea how much power his hugs hold? I thought his lyrics touched my soul, but damn, his hugs can touch me—well, all over, actually. Wouldn’t that be nice? Mmmmm, talk about wank fodder… bbl.

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